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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

2. What's the process for becoming a member?

Upon your first visit to the site, you'll be able to explore the few public pages.  To proceed into the member content you'll need to create an account and request access.  This can be done at the login bar on the top right corner of any page. Fill out the form to create an account. Family will need to describe their lineage in order to be vetted and approved as a verified family member.  Once approved your account will be granted full access to the site.

3. I don't have a particular photo/document. Can I get a copy for myself?

Absolutely.  Our purpose is to share and educate our family about our genealogy.  All archived photos & documents are available for verified family members to download at their leisure. Family members with full access may proceed to the "Archives" page to find downloads.  The public cannot see or visit the archives and will have no access to downloading any of our media.

4. Can I contribute to the content on this site and/or to our collective family archive?

Absolutely.  There is an over-abundance of family content and it takes hours to include it and build the site. As genealogy goes, it spans infinitely over the decades. Your help in gathering all available information for inclusion here will make this site an outstanding reference for the family and would be much appreciated.  

To contribute please email your photos, documents, and content to We are continually looking for the following content:

  • Any photos (antique or contemporary) in digital format.

  • Any documents (certificates, deeds, registry's, news articles, pedigree's, charts, maps, etc.) related to the family, in digital format.

  • Personal stories (written or spoken) by ANY family member, past or present; e.g. childhood memories and timeline-to-the-present type stories.

  • Videos from old reels and other obsolete videography, modern videos, slideshows & powerpoints, all in digital format.

  • YOUR family pedigree. Easy forms are available upon request, that you can fill in to update your pedigree and submit to archive and add content to the site.

  • Any other media, photos, or documents pertinent to our family history, in digital format.

5. I noticed some errors (grammatical, names, dates, etc.) while exploring the site. How can those be corrected?

Your input will continually make our site better, accurate, and complete. Please send any errors in grammar or historical accuracy with the corrected information in an email to so we can get it corrected and updated. 

6. How long will it take for me to be approved as a family member and given full access to our site?

I don't have an exact time frame, but it will be ASAP. Requests are sent immediately via email when you create your account, so as they are received, they will be reviewed. If I don't immediately recognize you, you will be verified against the family pedigree and/or with the help of other family members.  At that time I will return an email to you via the address you created your account with, letting you know of your status.

7. How do I contact the webmaster?

Please send any comments, questions, concerns, corrections, or content/archive submissions to:

1. Is this website available to the public?

Not entirely.  The first few pages are public as a point to start our website and to share a concise bit of our family with the world.  However, the majority of our site, including most content, stories, photographs, records, names & pedigrees will remain private.  All the majority "member only" areas require a verified family account and login.

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