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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use and all content within is intended to be a record and archive of our family for the use and enjoyment of verified family members.


This site contains historical photographs, records, writings, genealogy, and other information directly pertaining to the legacy of the Erick Erickson family, descendants, and predecessors.  The private content of this site is intended for verified family members only for personal history research and contribution.  The content of this site is not available to the general public and is not intended for release in the public forum. 


Failure to maintain the privacy of secured content will result in the revocation of credentials and expulsion from this site.

Please enjoy the site and contents as you learn about our history and legacy.  Please abide by the families wishes in keeping our privacy from the public forum.


As the privacy of the content of this page is expected to be maintained, so will the privacy of members.  Verified family members who register on this site for access to private content, can be assured that their account information will remain private.  No information will be given, sold, or distributed to any third party entity not related to or affiliated with this site and our family.

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